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Optional Extra's

Stables Direct make a wide range of stable optional extras, tailored to your specific requirements. All prices and specifications listed on this website effective from 1 October 2019

Fixing Brackets for concrete base optional £40+VAT per box
Guttering Optional call for price as depends on size of unit POA
Height to Eaves
Increase the height to 2.4 metres per 12 x 12 Unit
Framework (Standard 3x2 with 4 x 2 fronts)
4 x 2 Framework (Advised for horses over 14.3)

£200.00 + VAT

Talk Grills
Galvanised Mesh
£25.00 + VAT
Galvanised bars are fitted into dividing wall £95.00 + VAT
Roof Lights
1 x Free of charge per unit (12x12)
Extra Clear Roof light per sheet
Anti Chew-strips
Standard to top of bottom stable doors with drop plate to bottom door
Galvanised full metal strip around door frames £40.00 + VAT
Anti-Chew Legs Field Shelters
Cladded Overhang (Optional Cost)
£40.00 + VAT
Coloured Roof Sheets
Onduline roof Sheet (Brown, Green, Red)
£17.00 inc. VAT
Roof tiles P.O.A.
Black Onduline Roof per sheet £17.00 inc. VAT
Ridge Tiles each (1 metres) = £7.50 inc. VAT £7.50 Inc. VAT
Metal Gate 8ft £85.00 + VAT
Doors Frames/Windows
Full Door Frame
£85.00 + VAT
Half Door Frame £45.00 + VAT
Windows Call with sizes
Standard Stable Doors
Bottom Stable Door inc. furniture includes anti-chew along top of bottom door with drop plate
£120.00 + VAT
Top Stable Door inc. furniture £70.00 + VAT

All Prices are plus VAT @ the current rate unless stated otherwise.


Some of our optional extra's... view our Gallery page for more images