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Conditions of Sale

1. All goods remain the property of the Company until paid for in full. A 30% deposit will be taken upon order via credit, debit card, cash or cheque with the balance to be paid by chip & Pin or cash to the installers on the day of delivery if paying by bank transfer BACS must be in the day prior to delivery (no personal cheques on balances. On certain orders, payments need be done by BACS, due to timescales & deliveries All Payments must be cleared before vehicles leave our factory or unloaded at site or items collected. If paid through Paypal, their fee will be added. If the customer requires to cancel the order this should be notified 14 working days prior to delivery, whereupon the deposit will be returned in full, provided work has not been started or disruption caused to the working schedule. In any event, an administration fee will be added. Bespoke buildings balances need to be paid 14 days before delivery.
2. Stables Direct may enter a property with the purpose of removing any buildings if payment has not been received in full. The customer must allow the company's staff access to the site for this purpose. The customer will be notified in writing if this action is to be instigated. Interest will be charged on overdue payments at 5% over base rate.

3 The customer must provide suitable access for the vehicles to enter the site, the vehicles need to get 1.5 metres from base or place of installation. If this is not possible you must make prior arrangements with Stables Direct. The vehicles will not go on wet ground in case of damage to vehicles or land, so the customer must organise alternative transport as if the delivery cannot get to the base on day of delivery the customer will be charged for this.

4. Any complaints must be notified to the company within 7 days of the delivery/completion of the building(s). Complaints must be notified prior to any livestock being admitted. Complaints regarding garages or workshop type buildings must be notified prior to any internal work being carried out. The company will not be held responsible for damage caused by extreme weather conditions, fire, theft, or Acts of God. We would always recommend customers to insure their buildings. All clerical errors whether written or verbally are subject to correction if necessary.

5. We reserve the right to change any publications or improve our designs. All prices quoted valid for 30 days. Please note timber sizes may vary occasionally. However, we will try every effort to stop this from happening.

6. Delivery/installation dates are given as accurately as possible, but due to circumstances out of our control ie. Weather/delivery breakdown or any other unexpected causes these may alter slightly.

7. Although every effort is made to clear any debris, screws etc from site, in certain circumstances due to daylight etc. we always advise customers to check areas around stables before putting horses in.

8. No allowance in respect of loss or breakage in the course of transit unless notified within 3 days of receipt of goods

9. The customer is responsible to adequately insure there buildings once purchased, against adverse weather damage/horse damage or general damage.

10. MOBILE UNITS - (Maximum advisable size is 24 x 12, due to towing purposes, although any size of mobile unit, needs to be towed on dry and even ground, It is the customers responsibility to secure mobile units to the ground, and we do advise anything over a 12 x 12 to be moved by a tractor or similar unit and by experienced driver, units should only ever be towed in a straight line, and at all times avoid twisting or turning the unit, we would advise stacking units to ground if area is liable to winds)
By placing an order with Stables Direct, the customer confirms acknowledgement of the terms of sale above